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I have never meet a person who enjoys writing a response to a selection criteria, in fact studies show that people won’t even apply for jobs requiring one.  However unfortunately they’re part of the application process for most government jobs in Australia and overseas.

There is great deal of “how to” advice on the internet and  people who will write the responses for you (for a price), however there is a lack of selection critera examples for you to follow if you want to write your own.

Therefore we have decided to help. Below you will find an example of a professionally written key selection criteria response. As the responses are personal to the applicant use the example for ideas of a correct wording, structure and technique. The below examples where written by a expert selection criteria writers especially for at no charge (totally free). Please leave a comment to thank them for this contribution.

Key Selection Criteria - Demonstrated ability to work autonomously and within a team environment to ensure that goals are achieved.

I remain positive and motivated to take the initiative, manage my own performance and meet deadlines while working independently. My work in this area was highlighted in my role as <insert role> of <insert company> by:

  • Establishing comprehensive and up to date policies, procedures and systems so that I could competently manage the business from inception and on a day to day basis,

  • Organising, purchasing and setting up a range of office equipment including computers and furniture and systems including telephone access,

  • Enjoying the opportunity to work alone, and be responsible for tasks including front of house customer service, bookings and financial management,

  • Being eager and enthusiastic in taking on additional responsibilities outside of my existing job description including assisting the production team during busy periods (and learning how to undertake production activities through on the job training),

  • Diarising tasks and making action lists of what needs to be done, achieved, delivered, or ordered on a given day, and

  • Employing extra effort including staying back after hours as required.

 I also work effectively in a team and enjoy collaborating with others to deliver outcomes and objectives. Implementing a professional set of interpersonal skills allows me to communicate articulately with staff of various ages, cultures and backgrounds, sometimes in a mentoring or supervisory capacity.

 In my current role as <insert role> with <insert company>, I work in a team of personnel in largely interchangeable roles. While maintaining the capacity to undertake each other roles, we also all maintain our own tasks with a mandate of ensuring that strategic, organisational and Branch goals are met and wherever possible exceeded.

 To facilitate this ongoing team cooperation, particularly with the team of four personnel that I supervise, I apply a range of different tools and strategies on a day to day basis, including:

  • Implementing monitoring my own key performance indicators including ensuring that I adhere to policies and procedures that support the staff in undertaking their roles,

  • Remaining patient and supportive during training phases for new staff,

  • Creating an environment where all staff can perform all tasks interchangeably within the division,

  • Being willing to support staff during busy periods, including signing on as a Cashier and undertaking teller activities when customer queues are increasing,

  • Maintaining a comprehensive understanding of tasks that need to be completed by staff so that I know how long tasks are expected to take and what materials or skills are required to complete the task sufficiently,

  • Encouraging an open environment where other staff were encouraged to ask questions,

  • Leading team meetings and briefings, particularly in relation to the updating of policies and procedures,

  • Liaising effectively with my colleagues to maintain constructive, long-term and honest working relationships, and

  • Remaining courteous and professional to my colleagues at all times.

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